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2015 06-02
Release Name Solstice
Release Artist Lorenzo Grey, Andy Iron, Diana
Release Date 2015-06-02
Song Name Solstice
Mix Version 1. Vocal Mix
2. Instrumental Mix
3. Iron Mix
Catalog Number SFN00080
UPC Code 811868451435
ISRC Code 1. US-LZJ-15-19537
2. US-LZJ-15-19538
3. US-LZJ-15-19539
Beats From Rio
2015 05-13
Beats From Rio
Release Name Beats From Rio
Release Artist Teo Sartori
Release Date 2015-05-13
Song Name Beats From Rio
Mix Version Lorenzo Grey Remix
Catalog Number SFN00087
UPC Code 811868510699
ISRC Code US-LZJ-15-15502
Burn 4 U
2015 02-23
Burn 4 U
Release Name Burn 4 U
Release Artist Paris 2 Project
Release Date 2015-02-23
Song Name Burn 4 U
Mix Version Lorenzo Grey Edit
Catalog Number SFN00088
UPC Code 811868518169
ISRC Code US-LZJ-14-50419
2015 12-13
Release Name Howl
Release Artist Lorenzo Grey, Beat Frank
Release Date 2015-12-13
Song Name Howl
Mix Version 1. Vocal Mix
2. Original Mix
3. Nightmare Vocal Mix
4. Nightmare Mix
Catalog Number SFN00090
UPC Code 811868521589
ISRC Code 1. US-LZJ-14-51141
2. US-LZJ-14-51142
3. US-LZJ-14-51143
2014 06-14
Release Name Pure
Release Artist Wort Ton Drama
Release Date 2014-06-14
Song Name Pure
Mix Version Lorenzo Grey Master Edit
Catalog Number SFN00078
UPC Code 811868413129
ISRC Code US-LZJ-14-12476
2014 02-15
Release Name Everlasting
Release Artist M!K
Release Date 2014-02-15
Song Name Hypnotize
Mix Version Instrumental Mix
Catalog Number SFN00064
UPC Code 811868360027
ISRC Code US-LZJ-13-02338
Break My Heart
2013 11-25
Break My Heart (The Remixes)
Release Name Break My Heart (The Remixes)
Release Artist Josh Connors
Release Date 2013-11-25
Song Names Break My Heart
Mix Version 1. FPC & Grey Dark Mix
2. FPC & Grey Remix
3. FPC & Grey Main Room Mix
4. FPC & Grey Moon Mix
5. FPC & Grey Dream Mix
Catalog Number SFN00056
UPC Code 811868333915
ISRC Code 1. US-LZJ-13-94912
2. US-LZJ-13-94912
3. US-LZJ-13-94912
4. US-LZJ-13-94912
5. US-LZJ-13-94911
2013 05-03
Till The Morning Light
Release Name Damasco
Release Artist Alex C.
Release Date 2013-05-03
Song Name Till The Morning Light (feat. Lorenzo Grey, Arabella)
Mix Version Original Mix
Catalog Number SFN00042
UPC Code 811868268422
ISRC Code US-LZJ-13-75759
2013 04-12
Release Name Feel
Release Artist Lorenzo Grey, Teo Sartori, Rocky
Release Date 2013-04-12
Song Name Feel
Mix Version 1. Original Mix
2. Main Room Mix
3. Seif Remix
Catalog Number SFN00037
UPC Code 811868250151
ISRC Code 1. US-LZJ-13-71796
2. US-LZJ-13-71797
3. US-LZJ-13-71798
After Dark
2013 04-09
in Release
After Dark
Release Name After Dark
Release Artist Various Artists
Release Date 2013-04-09
Song Name After Dark (feat. Lorenzo Grey, Arabella)
Mix Version 1. Original Mix
2. In Da Club Mix
3. FPC Remix 4. Dark Side Mix
Catalog Number SFN00040
UPC Code 811868257587
ISRC Code 1. US-LZJ-13-74080
2. US-LZJ-13-74081
3. US-LZJ-13-74083
4. US-LZJ-13-74082
2013 01-05
La Holiday
Release Name Remixes
Release Artist Chilla
Release Date 2013-01-05
Song Name La Holiday
Mix Version Lorenzo Grey Remix
Catalog Number SFN00028
UPC Code 811868235547
ISRC Code US-LZJ-12-67068
Mixed Thoughts
2012 12-24
Mixed Thoughts
Release Name Mixed Thoughts
Release Artist Lorenzo Grey
Release Date 2012-12-24
Song Name

1. Lift Me Up (feat. Arabella)
2. I Am Free
3. Can You Feel It

4. Just Hold On (feat. David Wade)
5. All Because (feat. Patricia Edwards)

Mix Version 1. Grey Though Mix
2. Lorenzo Grey & FPC Master Mix
3. Lorenzo Grey Master Mix
4. Though Mix
5. Though Mix
Catalog Number SFN00024
UPC Code 811868232492
ISRC Code 1. US-LZJ-12-66123
2. US-LZJ-12-66127
3. US-LZJ-12-66126
4. US-LZJ-12-66125
5. US-LZJ-12-66124
I Am Free
2012 11-22
I Am Free
Release Name I Am Free
Release Artist Viki Ellie
Release Date 2012-11-22
Song Name I Am Free
Mix Version Lorenzo Grey & FPC Remix
Catalog Number SFN00020
UPC Code 811868228723
ISRC Code US-LZJ-12-64794
Lift Me Up
2012 11-20
in Release
Lift Me Up
Release Name Lift Me Up
Release Artist Lorenzo Grey
Release Date 2012-11-20
Song Name Lift Me Up
Mix Version 1. Original Mix
2. Dutch Mix
Catalog Number SFN00017
UPC Code 811868227535
ISRC Code 1. US-LZJ-12-64339
2. US-LZJ-12-64341
Can You Feel It
2012 10-27
in Remix
Can You Feel It
Release Name Can You Feel It
Release Artist FPC (For Popular Consumption)
Release Date 2012-10-27
Song Name Can You Feel It
Mix Version Lorenzo Grey Remix
Catalog Number SFN00014
UPC Code 811868223926
ISRC Code US-LZJ-12-63227
2012 09-29
in Remixes
Release Name Early
Release Artist Bluehomie
Release Date 2012-09-29
Song Name 1. To The Bar (feat. Martina C)
2. Play Hard (feat. Martina C)
Mix Version 1. Lorenzo Grey Re-Edit
2. Lorenzo Grey Re-Edit
Catalog Number SFN00008
UPC Code 811868214634
ISRC Code 1. US-LZJ-12-60857
2. US-LZJ-12-60856
We Can Do It
2012 09-26
in Remixes
We Can Do It (Remixes)
Release Name We Can Do It (Remixes) Release Artist Alex C. Release Date 2012-09-26 Song Name We Can Do It (feat. Kev Bayliss) Mix Version Lorenzo Grey Vocal Mix
We Can Do It (feat. Kev Bayliss)
Catalog Number SFN00012 UPC Code 811868218625 ISRC Code US-LZJ-12-61620
2012 08-16
in Release
Release Name Frozen
Release Artist Music Shakers
Release Date 2012-08-16
Song Name Frozen feat. Micky P
Mix Version 1. Lorenzo Grey Vocal Mix
2. Lorenzo Grey Storm Mix
Catalog Number SFN00002
UPC Code 811868192840
ISRC Code 1. US-LZJ-12-58652
2. US-LZJ-12-58654
Just Hold On
2012 08-17
in Release
Just Hold On
Release Name Just Hold On
Release Artist Lorenzo Grey, David Wade
Release Date 2012-08-17
Song Name 01. Who U R
2. Just Hold On
Mix Version MixVersion 1. Grey's Re-Edit
2. Dj Alex & Frankbass Mix
3. Grey's Therapy Mix
4. Radio Edit
5. Classic House Mix
6. Original Mix
Catalog Number SFN00003
UPC Code 811868192819
ISRC Code US-LZJ-12-53561
Love Thang
2012 07-13
in Release
Love Thang
Release Name Love Thang
Release Artist Lorenzo Grey
Release Date 2012-07-13
Song Name Love Thang feat. Dave Wade
Mix Version Vocal Mix
Main Room Mix
Original Mix
Dj Utopia Undersea Mix
Catalog Number SFN00001
UPC Code 811868192819
ISRC Code US-LZJ-12-54614